about me

By day, I work for GitHub, but I live in Sydney, Australia. At the moment I'm working on a mix of product work and open source projects, but who knows what tomorrow will bring?

When you can tear me away from a computer, you'll likely find me hanging out at community events - sometimes up the front presenting, sometimes up the back heckling, and sometimes holding down the bar at the after party.

things of note

In my spare time I hack on a bunch of open source projects, including MahApps.Metro and a bunch of Code52 apps.

I've been awarded an Microsoft MVP award in 2012 and 2013 by the ASP.NET/IIS teams for work with the community.

upcoming things

  • MVP Summit

    I think I'll be back in Redmond in November to hang out with all my favourite Microsoft blue badges and nerds.

DDD Brisbane - Audience Participation

I'll be doing a talk soon, and I'd love to make it interactive

How Can One Wrist Be So Important?

Some thoughts on how I've been adjusting (and struggling) to a recent wrist injury

Up For Grabs!

A quick writeup on the brief history of a little side project I was nerd-sniped into collaborating on


They say "be the change you want to see in the world", so let's do that

The Case of The Somewhat Case-Sensitive HTTP Method

A cautionary tale about debugging and RFC specifications

It's time for something new

A quick recap of what happened over the past few months

Should I make this object a singleton?

Some thoughts on class design and limitations you might face

Yet Another "Add LESS to your ASP.NET MVC Project" Post

I had to write this because it was really annoying the last time I did it

Custom server headers - bad for your health?

Wherein I jump up and down about something seemingly silly

Internet Sabbatical - An Experiment

Putting pen to paper (and committing to) about an idea I was discussing with a friend recently.

What's my secret? An unoffical unconfirmed guide

A colleague called me out recently when I asked a question about how to be more productive. This blog post is for him.